Legal Assistance For A Construction Site Injury

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Construction site injuries can be life-changing, which often leads to the victims of such injuries needing money for various expenses. Due to the risk of construction site injuries being high, it is usually mandatory for construction companies to have workers' compensation insurance for their employees. However, even with workers' compensation insurance in place, the money offered when an injured worker files a claim is not always sufficient. If your employer has presented a workers' compensation settlement offer to you for your construction site injury, do not feel as though you are required to accept the offer. If you think the settlement is too low, hire a construction lawyer before making your final decision regarding accepting the offer or not.

Placing Liability on the Construction Company

Even if your employer has made a settlement offer through workers' compensation insurance, they can still contest being liable for your injury. To make contesting liability more difficult, a lawyer will take action to prove that your employer is liable for the injury. You must first be honest with your lawyer regarding how the injury happened and whether you were following the safety rules. For example, are you required to wear a helmet when performing certain tasks but forgot to wear your helmet at the time of the incident? The reason a lawyer requires honest answers from you is that it helps to prove that you are not liable for the injury, which helps to get you a higher settlement.

Demanding a Higher Workers Compensation Settlement

Before any further legal action is taken against your employer, a lawyer will attempt to negotiate the workers' compensation settlement offer. For example, if you need more money to cover medical expenses because your injury might require long-term treatment, a lawyer can demand the money from your employer. The benefit of a lawyer making an argument for your expenses on your behalf is that they will do everything from a legal perspective. Rather than simply demanding more money, a lawyer will prove that you deserve the money without a doubt based on the effect the injury has had on your life.

Getting Prepared to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If negotiating your workers' compensation claim proves to be unsuccessful, a lawyer can take the case to court. They will gather proof of your medical records, lost wages, and overall pain and suffering that the situation has caused in your life. If you contact a lawyer, they can provide more information about your legal rights for the construction injury you are suffering from.