How To Keep Child Custody Costs Low

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If you are co-parenting in the midst of divorce, you may have found that the process can be quite expensive. Do you want to make sure that your finances are in better shape as you approach the end of your divorce as you co-parent? 

If you are trying to co-parent in the midst of financial woes, you are not alone. Many people going through divorce are in the same position as you are. Fortunately, you can make some changes to ensure that you save as much money as possible. These tips will help you through the process of making co-parenting more affordable.

Consider Mediation

Custody mediation is a great tool you can use to save money. Mediation allows you to work out a plan for divorce and custody together rather than going to court and hashing it out there. Court can be expensive.

Keep in mind that you can still work with a divorce or custody attorney if you consider mediation, but you will work with them outside of mediation and bring your ideas to the table instead of the courtroom. Instead of fighting for you in court, your attorney will help you navigate mediation mindfully.

Consider the Costs of Babysitting

Do you find yourself spending a lot on babysitting? You might find it more effective to use your ex-spouse as a babysitter instead. Discuss a plan for ensuring that childcare is taken care if you have schedules that work out this way.

Reduce Your Travel When Possible

You can reduce the costs you spend on travel, including the costs of gas and vehicle wear and tear, by making your custody hand-offs and visitations more efficient. If you are struggling financially, now is a good time to discuss rearranging travel.

Reconsider Insurance Options

Health insurance and other issues, like auto insurance for teens, can be expensive. Assess the insurance options both parties can offer to find the most cost-effective strategy for insuring your minor child.

Talk to Your Divorce Attorney

You might ask your divorce attorney how you can make your divorce as cost-effective as possible. How can you ensure that you receive custody without breaking the bank? Your attorney can help you design a plan that meets your budget or help you with a collaborative approach.

Your custody attorney wants to leave you in the best possible condition. Do you have questions about keeping finances in line? Consult with a child custody attorney today to learn more.