3 Ways To Improve Your Workers' Compensation Case

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One of the most important things that you can do when you have been injured on the job is to try and make your workers' compensation case as strong as possible so that you get the money that you deserve. Listed below are three ways to improve your workers' compensation case.

Provide As Much Wage Documentation As Possible

The first thing that you want to do when trying to improve your workers' compensation case is to give your attorney as much wage documentation as possible. This means providing as many copies of your pay stubs as you can get your hands on, preferably going back at least several months. In addition, if you have any documentation for pay that you receive that is not included on your pay stubs, such as bonus payments or holiday pay, you will want to provide that information as well.

The reason for this is that your attorney will need this information to create an accurate picture of your wages so that they can ensure that you are compensated for the lost wages that you will experience as a result of your injury. This is vital because your attorneys will not want to rely solely on your employer's calculations of your lost wages, mainly because your employer can make a mistake and miscalculate the earnings calculations, whether intentionally to save money or through a simple clerical mistake.

Discuss Even Minor Medical Issues With Your Doctor

Another tip to improve your workers' compensation case is to make sure that you discuss all of your medical issues with your doctor when getting treated for your injury. This includes even bringing up what might seem like a minor irritation or pain. This is of the utmost importance because if you neglect to bring up one of those minor irritations or pain, and it ends up escalating into a more serious issue at a later date, you will not be able to get compensated for that if it was not included in your original workers' compensation claim.

Notify Your Attorney If You Believe That You Are Being Followed

Finally, it is very important that you pay attention to your surroundings and notify your attorney if you believe that you are being followed after having filed a workers' compensation claim. The reason for this is that your employer's insurance company may end up hiring a private investigator to observe your behavior and habits after the injury in order to compile evidence that you may be faking your injury to get money fraudulently from your employer.

However, the problem with this issue is that the insurance company can choose to only take portions of the video surveillance or particular pictures that they can use to attempt to get your workers' compensation claim rejected. If your attorney is aware that you have been under surveillance, he or she can request the entirety of the pictures that were taken and that the whole video of you be watched prior to a workers compensation claim being rejected or approved in order to make sure that the insurance company was not cherry picking portions of the surveillance that make it seem like you were faking your injury.

Speak with a workers' compensation attorney today in order to discuss what steps you can take to make your case as strong as possible. Make sure to discuss even minor medical issues with your doctor, provide as much wage documentation as possible, and notify your attorney immediately if you believe you are being followed in order to make your workers' compensation case stronger and more likely to succeed. For more information, contact experts such as Paul F Guthrie.