Losing An IVF Baby In A Collision: How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensated

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If you have undergone in vitro fertilization and a car accident has caused you to lose the baby, you have the right to sue the other driver for the loss of your child, as well as the overall traumatic experience of the collision. In this article, find out how a lawyer can help you get justice and compensated for what the other driver put you through.

How Can a Lawyer Help Someone Who Loses A Baby In Collision?

You will have to speak with a lawyer on the phone or in person before he or she begins working on your case. After listening to your story, the lawyer will take the step of getting evidence to prove the other party caused the collision. Evidence will include getting a copy of the accident report, as well as locating people who may have seen the accident happen. The accident alone may not be enough evidence even it says you are in the right, as the other party can deny any wrongdoing.

Your lawyer will also need evidence that you went through in vitro fertilization to conceive your child. The reason is because he or she may be able to help you recoup the money spent on the procedure from the other party. You may also be compensated for things that include:

Lawyers, like Hensley Law Team, can also help you file criminal charges against the other party if the collision was caused from careless driving. For instance, jail time is possible if the other driver was drunk when he or she collided with your vehicle.

What Does Services from a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Since IVF is so expensive, you may be worried about legal costs. You can expect to pay your lawyer a contingency fee that is up to 40% of what is compensated in the lawsuit. Court costs can cost up to $2,000, but can also be taken out of the lawsuit winnings. It is not likely that you will have to pay anything if you don't win. However, personal injury lawyers will usually only work on a contingency fee basis when they are confident about the case.

It is heartbreaking to lose a child after having to go through a costly procedure like in vitro fertilization. Get in touch with a lawyer so you can get compensated for the tragic collision caused by the other party!