Break The News: Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

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You and your spouse may be coming to an agreement about your divorce. But that does not mean your children are going to take the news about your divorce well. The following guide may help you break the news gently.

Things To Consider Before Breaking The News

  1. Rehearse or write out what you are going to say. You want to avoid arguing as you tell your children about the divorce. You must make your children understand that you and your spouse are separating from each other and not them. You and your spouse are still parents, together.
  2. Tell all those around your children about the divorce like their teachers and other family members. You need to know if your children start acting differently after hearing the news. A divorce can be traumatic, and you may have to consider a child therapist if your children do not take the news well.
  3. Make arrangements to keep their lives as consistent as possible. Try to keep your children in the same school. You want to give your children as much consistency as possible during this life-altering situation.

You can talk to your divorce attorney about other suggestions that may help you during this time. He or she has helped many families like yours and should be able to give you some advice.

Breaking The News

The following are a few key things that should be mentioned when you talk to your children about your divorce:

  1. You need to make sure that your children understand that this divorce has nothing to do with them. This divorce is not their fault and there is nothing that they can do about it. Experts say that many children feel responsible for their parents divorce, which leads them to a state of depression. So do your best to make this clear to your children.
  2. Some changes are inevitable, although your goal is to keep your children's lives as consistent as possible. Make sure you address every change so that your children are better prepared for them. Try to clearly state why these changes are necessary.
  3. Do not let your children think you or your spouse is responsible for the divorce. You need to remain a team and not antagonize each other.
  4. Acknowledge any recent arguments that your children might have witnessed. Tell your children that these arguments were not their fault.

Following the suggestions above should help during this painful time. And hopefully, with time, your family will be able to move on with life. Counsel with a professional like Vega Acosta Law Firm for more information.