Involved In An Accident With A Drunk Driver? What To Do Immediately After

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If you were involved in an automobile accident with another driver who you suspect may be drunk, you may find yourself stunned and unsure of what to do next. Knowing the steps you should take can help you if you ever find yourself in this undesirable situation. Here are a few of the steps that you should immediately take if you are involved in a car crash with someone you suspect may be drunk. 

Snap a Picture of the License Plate, Car and Driver

One of the first things you should do if you suspect the driver who hit your automobile may be drunk is to pull out your cell phone and try to snap a picture of their license plate, the make and model of the car and the driver, if possible. Someone who is drunk may have motive to flee the scene, so securing these pictures can help if they do decide to take off. 

Call the Authorities

Whether the driver was swerving on the roadways, you smell alcohol on their breath or you see a can of beer lying in their car, be sure to call the authorities if you suspect the driver is drunk for any reason. If someone has sustained injuries, dial 911. If there were no injuries sustained, you should call 311. A potential drunk driver may ask you to not call the authorities or may offer to pay for any and all damages, but it is best to have a police report and let the police determine if alcohol was a factor in the crash. 

Get Contact Information From Witnesses and Bystanders

While you are waiting for the authorities to arrive, or waiting for the authorities to administer testing to the other driver, take the time to obtain contact information from witnesses and bystanders who may have witnessed the accident. Having names and phone numbers can be invaluable if you have sustained injuries in the accident, or later find out you sustained an injury. 

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

Lastly, be sure to take pictures of the accident scene, including the damage done to your car, the damage done to the other car and other information about the accident scene, such as traffic lights, stop signs or road conditions. All of this can be important when it comes to showing and proving fault.

Being involved in an accident with a potentially drunk driver can be scary and nerve-wracking, and there is zero excuse for it. If you have been in an accident with a drunk driver, and you have sustained an injury as a result of that accident, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. Schedule a consultation with an auto accident attorney to help you learn more about whether you qualify for compensation and what the process entails.