2 FAQs On Auto Accident Claims

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When you are involved in an auto accident that results in severe injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. The at-fault party is legally liable for your injuries, and their insurance carrier will likely try to negotiate a settlement. If settlement negotiations fail, the best option would be to file a personal injury lawsuit so you can get compensated through the court system.

This article looks at frequently asked questions on auto accident claims so you are better informed on what actions to take. 

How much is your case worth?

Typically, there is no standard blueprint for determining your case's value. The amount of compensation you get will often be determined by the details of the case, including your degree of fault for the accident, your medical records, and the severity of your injuries.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate how much your case is worth based on your estimated past and future medical bills, loss of earning capacity, lost wages, and pain/suffering. The case value may also be affected by factors such as your life expectancy, ability to work, and employment history.

If the at-fault's insurer gives you a settlement figure, it is generally wise to consult a lawyer before accepting it. This is because insurance companies may try to offer less compensation that you actually deserve, and your lawyer can negotiate with them to raise the amount so you can comfortably cover your medical treatment and other losses.

Accepting the compensation offered in the initial settlement essentially means you forfeit the right to file an injury lawsuit in the future should your injuries turn out to be more severe than initially thought. 

What could cause your claim to be denied?

Insurance companies will often deny your claim for compensation based on a number of factors. Firstly, they may deny your claim if they conclude that their client wasn't at fault for the accident or if you were partly at fault for the crash.

Denial may also occur if the insurer claims that your injuries weren't necessarily caused by the accident or if you fail to follow the correct procedures for reporting the accident and filing the claim. Even making false representations regarding your insurance coverage could lead to a denied claim.

Denial of insurance claims is pretty common, but it does not necessarily reflect the true merits of the case. That is why it helps to hire a lawyer immediately after the accident so he can guide you on how to properly file the claim and what information to give to the insurance company. If your compensation claim is denied, your lawyer can build an auto accident lawsuit to help get you the compensation you deserve. Contact a law firm like Spesia & Ayers Attorneys At Law for more information.