3 Signs You Might Need A Lawyer When Purchasing A Piece Of Property

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In many cases, you don't need a lawyer to assist you when purchasing a home. Instead, you can simply work with a real estate agent to make the purchase. However, in some situations, you are better off protecting yourself by hiring an attorney while buying a piece of property. These are three potential reasons to hire an attorney during the purchasing process.

1. There are Tenants in the Home

Buying a piece of property with tenants in the home might not seem like a big deal. However, you could run into potential problems, such as evicting the tenants so that you can move into your new property. These things can be more challenging than many people think, and you have to ensure that you abide by the law when doing so while still getting the tenants out as quickly and easily as possible. For these reasons, hiring an attorney to help you is important.

2. The Property Has a Weird History

If the property has an abnormal history, you might need to hire a lawyer to assist you. For example, a property that has been converted from a home to a duplex might pose titling and code-related problems, so you may need an attorney to assist you. If the home has been owned by multiple owners in the past or has been used as collateral for various loans, then it might have a lien that you don't know about and that can cause you problems later. Having a title search done and having an attorney by your side to help you with any legal issues can prove worthwhile in this type of situation.

3. You're Planning on Renting the Property Out

Are you buying a piece of property in order to rent it out? If so, the process can be more complicated than you think. You might need legal assistance in ensuring that the home is in suitable condition to be rented, and you'll need help in drawing up a suitable lease. Luckily, a good real estate attorney like one from Zane Law can assist you with both of these things.

As you can see, in some situations, it is ideal to hire an attorney to assist you when purchasing a piece of property. Instead of simply relying on the real estate agent to help you out in these situations, look for someone who is experienced in real estate law and who can work in your best interests.